Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Apparently I overdid it on the elliptical machine, I had the weirdest pain in my thighs when I was done, enough to make me reconsider my apparent over enthusiasm. Instead of becoming an aquatic fiend, I opted to rest with my legs up in my room for a while. This made me sad, I love swimming and never really get to go, though if I find a gym even I can afford when I get home [job first!], I think I'm going to make sure it has a pool attached so I can do more laps.
I'm trying to not feel guilty about not swimming when I had planned to, trying to tell myself that my body told me to back off before it ninja'd me, but I do feel as though I'm just being lazy.  It's not my rest day yet, grr, I was planning on tomorrow being my 'rest' day, seeing as I'm doing some touristy stuff in the city and then later on that night going to see a midnight premiere of Harry Potter with the BF. I have no idea if my tour tomorrow will include much walking, and I've actually still been considering hitting the gym tomorrow night and using the weight machine.
I think I have flipped the pancake. Mmm pumpkin pancakes sound marvelous. Never have gotten around to trying to make them, since most of the recipes I have found for the seem ridiculous. To me it should be something as follows:
pumpkin puree
wheat flour [regular is fine]
baking soda or powder [forget the difference most the time]
if it must include sugar make it splenda but really id rather go for a drop of vanilla extract instead

I think eggs should be in there too but I'm pancake simple, I'm that girl who goes for the Bisquick. 

Of course I would also use millet as a flour substitute, so yes, I'm certifiable. Millet seems to be pretty underrated. But then I'm the girl who continually gets shocked when she finds out someone doesn't know what couscous is.

Ahem. Millet, learn

Morning exercise:
Elliptical Machine Free Form: 30 min 325cal

1 oz Almonds: 170 cal, 3g Fib, 6g Prot
Total: 170 cal, 3g Fib    Remaining: 650 cal

2 slices 15 grain bread: 200 cal, 8g Fib, 10g Prot
6 slices roast beef: 90 cal, 16.5g  Prot
Total: 290 cal, 8g Fib  Remaining: 360 cal

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