Saturday, November 27, 2010


Its amazing how fast a day can go by sometimes....

Yesterday I never did get around to exercising, and while I ate small portions, my late afternoon and evening were filled with leftovers. Im so not even going to mention breakfast.

Today has been, well, ok in food consumption. As in I only ate 5 crepes, I didnt eat six. I only had 2 honey sausages, I didnt eat 3. And that freshly made ricotta and herbed mozzarella? I didnt eat more than 5 oz.

and lunch was turkey salald, not more of my potates, and none of the stuffing, sausage or vegetarian.

But hey, I exercised today.
I might once again tonight when us couples return from doing couples things tonight.

60 min mix cardio & strength training.

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