Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I miss having a kitchen....

Which is actually the antithesis of my vaction in the first place. But, having a kitchen to cook for myself is so much better for calorie/fat/sodium control, not to mention the avoiding naughty foods altogether. But ah, what's a vacation on the oppostie side of the US without sampling local cuisine [and leaving my hotel room?]
Granted, next week I will be staying in a friend's home, no doubt helping with cooking, and in general be not limited due to lack of car/walking safe distance.

This afternoon I thought I would bundle up and head out for a walk, which I had figured would be some nice, light exercise. Not only would I be seeing some sights, I could be not in my room, staring at a screen or reading. This turned out to be ill-timed, because the rain had started up again, and sadly, my parka is in need of repairs and is not good at keeping closed. It also turned out that my paticular area is less than pedestrian friendly, so after only 10-15 minutes of moderate walking I turned around to head back. The closer I got, the lighter the rain got and the more I wanted to take pictures and at least go up the small hill that circles around to the back parking lot of my hotel. 45 minutes after leaving, I returned, and counted it as a bust, with a few pictures to show and feeling refreshed from the wind.

Of course, the downfall. We went to Dan McGuinness again. Tonight I tried their angus burger. I think, if I had stuck to the burger,  and the add ons our waiter had suggested, I wouldve been fine. But the bastard burger came with fries [totally missed that on the menu]. I have a hard time saying no to potatoes in any form when they are given to me, they are and have always been my favorite food. And I ate all but three, because by then I was full. But some I ate with gravy [commence the stoning].
So this is why after 4 days, I really want a kitchen back.

Dinner of doom: 800 cals?  Remaining : -350 cals

After dinner Exercise:
Elliptical machine: 28 mins, 290 cals
[switched between forward and backward pedaling]

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