Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ra Ra Ah Ah Ahhh

I did not go swimming, or exercise last night after dinner. Thought about it, but didn't. Kinda cuddled while watching TV with the BF, before realizing about 10 minutes before sleepy time why it was I had felt like crap all day. This in turn made me realize the anger, and with it, tears of frustration. I had hoped 1, certain stress factors at home could be left there while I was on my vacation [partially my fault, couldn't avoid it though], and 2, that the inklings of changes were going to manifest when I left. They didn't.
But, today is a new day, and with it, comes use of a car, seeing some tourist destinations, and at midnight tonight, Harry Potter. I'm finally excited about a Potter movie again.

I made great [not to some] use of the car after dropping the BF at work, by getting good and thoroughly lost [I missed a step in trying to retrace a path from the other night], ended up near Lipscomb University and the surrounding areas [which I think were called Berry Hill]. It was like the Beverly Hills of the area, only Beverly wished she looked this good with so little effort. Not that those people don't manicure their lawns, but given the climate of this state over the area of California Beverly Hills is in, wowwee.  I wanted pictures but given most of the area is residential I thought I'd respect their privacy and not freak them out by pulling over and running around like a maniac with a bright red camera plastered to my face.
The people at the drive-thru for Wal-Greens must already think I'm off my rocker for walking around taking pictures of things like Holly trees [only ever seen the bush variety] and some sort of tree with blue berry looking things on it. It was pretty dangit, I wanted a picture of it.

Today I take along for the ride my surrogate little brother's Dragon Hat, and am documenting it's adventures :)
Off to the gym for a small workout before getting going on my day again.
Subway Breakfast BMT Melt: 230 cal,  6g Fib, 17g Prot
Total: 230 cal, 6g Fib     Remaining: 970 cal

Morning Exercise:
Weight machine 30 min
Elliptical Free Form 15 min

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