Friday, November 19, 2010

Deathly Hallows

Makes you lose you sleep when you see it at a midnight showing.  Hehehe, but it was a good movie, so I can't complain [rudest house I ever sat with though].  However in combining that, an allergy pill, and the previous lack of sleep, led me to oversleep my alarm, and scare the maid service. Tonight's our last night here, tomorrow, we drive. Tonight the BF and I will be going into the city for a celebratory dinner for his last day at this job, and then later we will be at Dan's where his friend will meet us up and kidnap, or yknow, escort us to his residence tomorrow.

I tried a new exercise I made up on the weight machine today, really worked my abs. yay.

1/4 cup shredded wheat squares: 200 cal, 7g fiber, 7g Prot
8 oz 2% milk:  120 cal, 8g Prot
Total: 220 cal, 7g Fib   Remaining: 980 cal

Morning exercise:
Weight machine 30 min cal? 145ish
Elliptical free form 25 min 300+cal
Swimming 25 min cal? 200ish

1 slice 15 grain bread: 100 cal, 4g Fib, 5g Prot
4 slices Roast Beef: 60 cal,11g Prot
4 oz red grapes
Total: 160 cal, 4g Fib Remaining 820cal

For the record, I do no usually count calories on things like grapes, apples, carrots etc because of what it takes to digest them.

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