Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Hath Charms for Breasts

Mine too. Touristy stuff was fun. The getting there, and arguing oh so intelligibly with the GPS the rental came with was aggravating. But today, I bought some grapes and carrots whoohoo, and I munched on those on the way into the city. My first thought was to do my tourist thing, then grab some lunch later while there. This was a failure, and I finished my bag of carrots while swearing unceremoniously  at the GPS, having a very different opinion than it about how to get where I was going. I made it to home base, Glad to see the terra firma that was my back parking lot and entrance. The rumbling in my belly demanded my full attention now I was not scratching my vocal cords in anger at the machine, so I gladly opened the laptop to scout out a Hardees, for some reason under the impression that since they own Carl's Jr and sport their logo, they would have a modicum of similarity. I was sorely disappointed, as you can see by my earlier entry, and by the time I had finished weighing the pros and cons of what to get at the Sonic down the road [since nothing remotely healthy can be obtained from Taco Bell of McDonalds] and then a time lapse in communication with my boyfriend over dinner guessed it. I didn't eat lunch. 
Yes, I am actually serious about losing weight. Which is why I decided to have some almonds and carrots to tide me over until dinner.
A few driving adventures and many facial tics later [much to the amusement of my boyfriend] we arrived at Dan's again. Wherein I had my favorite, and I blame it all on the gravy. I hate gravy, but this gravy makes my mouth happy in ways that feel illegal.
Think Im going to heat up some tea and wait for it to be time to go huddle in the cold for the movie.

Beef n Guinness
approx 3oz beef
approx 5 oz cabbage
3/4 cup instant mashed taters
1/3 cup gravy
dont know about cals but lets just say Im done for the day.

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