Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wet and not so Wooly

I never did end up eating lunch yesterday [bad!] though I did have some milk and fiber bars to snack so I wouldn't completely crash.  Sadly I was still a cranky hungry bear by the time my Boyfriend arrived back at the hotel, helped somewhat by my not fully informative FB update lamenting the fact that Sonic [the only food within walking distance] has nothing healthy to offer. The rest of the fast food offerings like just over the freeway overpass that looks definitely off limits to foot traffic. I was feeling guilty about my breakfast, for while protein is important, I'm limited on my intake of eggs, and bacon, while tasty, is not so good with the large quantities. My sister immediately chirped back that they had a grilled chicken sandwich, so I hopped on the website to check out the nutritional facts. The sodium levels were higher than good for me [low sodium tolerance is something I discovered years ago and is damned annoying] was 375 calories, a good 1/3 of my days calories, and lord knew how much I had wasted on my breakfast. The protein was at 27, which seemed dismally small, and I can't recall the fiber, but the overall size of the burger confirmed I was not going to feel full, and be tempted to [go back and] get the tater tots they offer there.
By then, It was late in the afternoon, and I decided I should just wait until the car was home and have an early dinner. I also decided rather than be miserable [and listen to my sister go on about it was better than not eating] the rest of the week,  I would have my boyfriend take me to what I've been calling oversized 7-11s [things here are very different than at home. including Liquor Laws. weird], and buy breakfast and lunch items so I could eat in the room, which until our hotel room had been changed, was the original plan. This room, however, is not an extended stay room, with ways of cooking small meals for yourself. I grabbed some 15-grain bread, turkey, a guilty pleasure of roast beef, being sick of ham, and mustard for my lunches; I completely forgot to grab lettuce or sprouts.  For breakfast I grabbed some shredded wheat squares and 2% milk, for this store didn't carry coconut milk and I refuse to drink non-fat. I even did an internal happy dance [while outwardly blushing form my interaction anxieties] when I found out my savings card worked out here; I hadn't been sure, since while it's the same company, it does have a different name in my state.
By then, I was drowsy from my dinner. There's a place out here called Dan McGuinness, also within walking distance, but equally as bad calorie-wise. Pub Irish food, but they are nice enough to offer 'wee orders' on several of their menu items, and that is what I did.
Wee Order of Beef 'n Guinness
A smaller version of our Beef n' Guinness.  Served with cabbage. 
Seasoned sirloin beef tips marinated and cooked in a rich Guinness Stout gravy over mashed potatoes

For the record, I didn't finish my potatoes [yay me!] But I did split an order of Spinach Dip [bad] beforehand. 

1 1/4 cup shredded wheat squares: 200 cal, 7g fiber, 7g Prot
6 oz 2% milk:   90 cal, 6g Prot
Total: 290 cal, 7g Fib     Remaining: 910 cal

Morning exercise:
Weight machine aprox 20 min cal?
Elliptical Machine Weight-loss Program 30 mins [incl cooldown] 325 cal
Swimming [training] 35 min cal?

2 slices 15 grain bread: 200 cal, 8g Fib, 10g Prot
3.5 slices Turkey:  140 cal, 10.5 Prot
2 slices Roast beef: 30 cal, 5.5 Prot
6 oz 2% milk: 90 cal, 6g Prot
Total:  460 cal, 8g Fib   Remaining: 450 cal

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