Sunday, November 28, 2010

So, E., who is best friends with the bf and is who's house I've been residing in since last Saturday.  They have known each other most of their lives, and the bf talks of him often and with much amazement. I had this image in my head of what he would look like, how he would sound, and it clashed horribly the moment I first met him. It wasn't that he didn't fit the type of person that would be his best friend, it was that he seemed so ... flawed.  It wasn't anything physical, it was the sharp reality of meeting the human version of someone so dear to my bf. I was off-put, but suddenly much more at my ease. My social anxieties often make meeting new people or being in large groups extremely difficult, and even though getting the best friend's approval was an important step [not a deal breaker by any means, but still], suddenly, I was suddenly relaxed and forgetful of trying to make a good impression while being me. I try to always be me but I tend to start over analyzing everything I do and people's responses to it.
Here I have been for a week with him, his awesome wife and child, and for a few days his sisters and SOs, and for the life of me, I can't recall what that image I had in my head was. He is quintessentially E., and it will be strange to go home and have him 5(6?) states away.
[It will also be strange to be not basically living with the bf]

That being said:

Last Night's Dinner:
leftover turkey, 3 oz
Mac n Cheese, 5 oz

Today's Breakfast:
whole grain toast with leftover turkey [1.5 oz] fresh made ricotta and fresh herbed mozzarella

Steamed Vegetables 2 oz
4 oz pot roast with pepperinccini
2.5 oz low-fat cheddar cheese.

30 min power yoga, kettle bell, resistance band

Now to join the boys and decide on dinner

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