Thursday, January 5, 2012

40 Weeks

Until I'm married. Yay!
Sometimes I wish losing weight really was no more than simple math.  Because if it were, I'd be at goal weight 2 weeks before my wedding. As is it, the [much] smaller goal I've set seems daunting and unattainable right now.

I have 69.5 lbs to lose to reach goal, so I need to burn 243250 = 38 weeks of hard work and always losing weight [of 2 lbs a week]

My goal of 30, because 30 seems attainable and only 10 more lbs than my lowest weight loss before I gained 20 back, is a total of  105000 calories = 15 weeks [@2lbs] [this is all just numbers in a perfect weight-loss world]

I have the feeling that 30 lbs is going to be more like 38 weeks. Now, since I already have my wedding dress, losing all of the weight I want to would not be the best idea since it can't be taken in that much.

I've gotten back into tea, which sounds like a phase but it's more I go through diet soda phases and return to tea and water. I have always loved tea and I'm drinking lots of green tea. Heck, I'm so excited that there are so many 'flavors' now.  I'm trying to eat more veggies [again] since I have a love of them, but a lack of car gets in the way of me grabbing more when we run out :(

Today I'm going to try out my new Yoga DVD Element Power Yoga which I'm very excited about. I have been rotating 2 dvds [and a book] for the last 3 weeks for my exercise, and it's good to feel my strength and endurance coming back. My other DVDs are Yoga for the Warrior and Yoga Meltdown, and the book is Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. Currently I've been shooting for doing the 15 minute ab workout on the days I do the Yoga meltdown, and a few sequences from the book, to total about 45-1:05 workout time spread over the day [the abs and book sequences at night and very relaxing and help me sleep well]. and on other days I shoot to do Yoga for the Warrior, which is an hour long. now I have the Element to add in variety and another hour long. There are some days where I only have time for  the 15 minute abs [which sounds lame, but 1, it's intense, and 2, at least I'm doing something to get my heart rate up], or only do the Yoga Meltdown without the abs and book in the evening. I've started tweeting my weight in the morning, which hasn't moved in the 3 weeks I've been working out 5 days a week. I'm also food diary-ing again over at again

I'm sure alot of you would like to argue and point out I'm not losing weight because yoga isn't for weight loss. This isn't true. There's various forms of yoga, some are more active and aerobic than others. Also Jillian? She does the yoga+aerobic movement [faster than most yoga classes] for those who don't have open schedules. I've used her yoga dvd's to lose weight before. Bob's too.  Because of my palpitations last[yikes] year I became hyper aware of my heart rate and everything I do in yoga raises it to the proper level, and you should see the sweat factor people.
I also found our recently when your muscles become more active and used they tend to retain more water than unused muscles.  Although, part of me has been hoping I'm replacing fat with muscle now that Im gaining some back....
Who knows :) I do know that I and going to keep going because I will always wonder if I don't try.
In February I'm going to start Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and do it for 30 days, to mix things up. I'm hoping sometime later this year I will have lost enough weight to start running without the impact shredding my knees [my family and I suspect that playing ddr as heavy as I was on a hard surface instead of carpeting was what caused my knees problems]

Hope your new years are going well so far!

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