Monday, January 23, 2012

Ridicoulously Excited

I hate working out, mmkay? I almost never get that nice endorphin rush everyone talks about.  I've charged my fiancee with helping push my butt to exercise when I'm lagging, and when he does it as the sweetheart he is... I whine, argue, pout, and have on occasion even kicked my feet tantrum style.
So someone please, explain to me, why I cannot wait to start my Shred month and kettlebell month? I'm freaking giddy about it, I want it to be here already! I'm not bored with my yoga, in fact I'm pleased as punch that my endurance and strength has returned to what it used to be. Last week, in fact, I was proud that I made it through both Yoga for the Warrior, and Yoga Meltdown without pausing. It happened all at once, because about 3 or 4 days earlier, I was still needing to pause so I could sip some water, or occasionally needed 5 seconds rest. While my chaturangas have gotten pretty in the last few weeks, making it through these dvds made me feel maybe I haven't been totally failing at my exercise.
No, I'm happy with my current rotation of yoga, my muscles feel it repeatedly.  I keep thinking,maybe I'm secretly hoping the 30 day shred will blast fat, but I can't tell. All the B&A's I've seen, most people tone up, not so much drop weight.  I do know, I am worried that only doing 30 minutes a day will be  an inadequate amount of exercise. Eek! I will still be walking in the mornings so perhaps it will be enough. [I'm also playing around with the idea of still doing yoga 3 times a week since I love my yoga practice]
But I've been looking around for a few days, and I keep finding new exercise routines I want to try.  I keep wanting to add a second 30-day shred, but doing a 2 times a day variety.... heheh I think I've just been inspired.
I know on Friday I found my determination.  Reading this made it kind of click for me. Also a good read [and makes me excited to start running] is this guest post.

Today was the first time using my new Polar HRM while exercising. I had it by Friday night, and exercised on Saturday morning but hadn't set everything up. Strangely, doing my Yoga for the Warrior today I did not sweat, nor did my heart pound as it has before. The sweat makes some sense to me, it's cold and raining. My heart rate, not so much. But I still burned more calories than I thought I was, I've been under-calculating on my livestrong.  And it was so neato, scrolling through my workout summary, it tells you how many minutes you spent in your 'fat-burning' zone, and in a fitness zone.  I know some feel the 'fat-burning' zone is bunk, but hell, I'll still use it.  Because I'm a dork, I did not know that HRM s had sensors you attach to your chest. For some reason I was under the impression they could read them from your wrist. So you can imagine how leery I was to wet something, strap it to my chest, and then attach an electronic device to said strap so close TO MY HEART. I admit, I was mildly terrified I might get electrified. It was not a sane assessment, but one I had none-the-less. In the end, other than  the occasional scratching and digging in random places on my chest, I forgot it was there. [I checked the face way too often because I had fun seeing my numbers] The only unforeseen drawback to my HRM is that to transfer my files to the computer... I need a separate piece of equipment to hook into your computer, sold seperately, which costs nearly as much as the HRM itself. I won't be paying for it, so I will manually copy them.

So back in 09, I gave myself 2 30-day challenges. The first was right before I learned my cholesterol was high, and had my doctor bully and scold me about it, telling me I was a candidate for a a heart attack and/or a stroke at any moment because it was so high, and I was so young.  This challenge was to not repeat an outfit for 30 days. I had fun, and did it again 7 months later, when I had lost roughly 30 lbs.  I'm contemplating doing another one, but I think it may be a bit much to do one at the same time of the shred, but my style blog has been sorely neglected. Something to ponder.

Well off to rest before I do Yoga Meltdown [to find out my HR of course :P]

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