Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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5 weeks and no difference. I seem to be doing something wrong, hehe. My mom seems to have little faith  in my ability to loose weight. My shrug for the wedding showed up and I tried it on, and its tight in the arms, but I can still get my arms in all the way.  I feel, and my mother disagrees, that in 40 weeks of constant work I can get my arms down and inch and a half to fit correctly. She feels I'm being unrealistic because you can't know where weight will come off from, which I know is true, you can't predict where weight will come off.  She also feels I'm overeating an not aware of what I'm eating even though I've been tracking on my livestrong.com. She and I are walking in the mornings [see over at Runkeeper ] because she want to loose weight she's gained back, and seems positive this alone can help [it seems when she did this with my sister a few years back] with weight loss. So I've been feeling discouraged and confused. Maybe my can-do attitude I'm trying to maintain is making her feel I have unrealistic expectations? I know very well my body won't cooperate the way I want, since I've been at this [and off too] since May 09.  I remember working out at home, learning about nutrition and muddling through and after 10 long hard months had dropped 50 lbs, then my knees quitting on me, and after 6 months I  had gained back 15,  and once my knees stopped hating me as much,  getting to use a gym and being frustrated at the lack of progress with resuming exercise, then stopping the gym because of car troubles and eventual loss.... I think I understand what it is to lose or not.

I'm frustrated. I will keep trying.

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