Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

Today's weight: 211.2

So I had a random thought pop into my head this morning as I ate my breakfast. In Miss Congeniality, when she is going through her intense, over-night 'beautification', at one point she goes to grab a sandwich from the food table and is stopped by her coach and handed a peice of celery. My first thought about this this morning was, wow, that's kind've wrong in showing that she needs to conform in all ways to American standards of feminine beauty by saying she must keep to a strict diet instead of eating like she's a real human.
But then I had a take two: she's staying up all night and if she's going to be snacking when she normally wouldn't be ingesting food, isn't her coach helping her by handing her something decidedly more healthful than a sandwich? A sandwich that has salt and bread to make her bloated and backed up when she needs to be able to perform her job?
This was followed by a take 3: But since she is staying up all night and wont be getting the zzz's she needs, shouldn't she eat the sandwich with protein to give her body the fuel it needs?
Now, I know really none of this matters, since really the point of the interaction [and just after it] was to show how awkward everything is for her and completely alien.  But sometimes I think this how over-analyzing movies and shows happen and making mountains out of mole-hills when it comes to certain issues.
I'm not saying media doesn't contribute to skewed body images and ideals, but my personal opinion is it falls under the same category of parents wanting others to raise their kids. Things I was brought up to believe are a parent's responsibility to teach a child/discipline a child about are now common ground for media/schools/etc to get sued over.
My parents did their damnedest to discredit any media source defining beauty. They called it on its bullshit. My body issues stem from knowing, not thinking, that I'm overweight, and having doctors tell me I need to lose weight. Admittedly, I also had peers letting me know I was overweight, and that didnt help, but I tried to ignore it.

On a slightly related note, I tend to like the roles of Sandra's I've seen because she has characters who show things like emotion overeating, or alcohol abuse, or anxiety, real people, real issues. Even in Miss Congeniality, she turns to food. 

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