Monday, January 30, 2012

Fit Test

I decided as a way for me to see progress  [or not] at the end of each month to try out bodyrock's fit test, as seen here.
Today's scores:

Squat Jump  36 [27 modified, 9 real]

Push Ups [girl]  22

Burpees 13

High Knees 34 ea

Switch Lunges [modified]21

Tuck Jumps 21

Straight Abs [modified] 20

Yeesh I hope those numbers change

I also decided to see how I'm coming along on my goal to do a one minute plank again, and I went 25 seconds before pushing into down dog for a second, again at 45 seconds, and a third time at 6 seconds. So, a little ways off. I haven't been practicing a simple plank lately, and I now see I should.

Time to go sweat with Jillian.

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