Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Much

Not too much to say today. Last night was one of those nights that saw me scratching another thing off of my 'I never thought that would happen' list: My mother and I went bathing suit shopping together. As in picking out swimsuits for each other, trying them on in the same changing room, and exchanging them to see how they looked on each other. My mom was never one for swim suits when she was heavier, and I just can't give a damn about how disgusting other find me in bathing suits. And while Target had nothing available in the miniscule plus size department, some of the xl's in the regular bathing suit sections seemed to work. Mom found something, she looked adorable in it.  I didn't, so I think I'm going to dig around in the closet for the bathing suit I took to Tennessee in 2010.

I've found a few books about running that I'm having to remind myself to wait to buy, since I don't plan to start trying to run until mid April, hopefully I may have dropped a few pounds enough tha I can avoid doing damage to my knees.
Anyone out there have book suggestions? These are the two I've found and liked so far, Kara Goucher's Running for Women & Runner's World Complete Guide to Women's Running.

Oh and how neato is this?

One more addendum to my upcoming 30-Day Shred Challenge: I'm going to try to finally fully quit diet soda once and for all. 30 days, no soda. Tea,  water, milk.

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