Friday, January 27, 2012

they should write a play called hormones

Hormones are making me moody.  While my logical part knows weight loss takes forever, the rest of me is pissy about numbers staying the same everyday for 4 days. Last two days my water intake sucked but for some reason I've been craving carbonation. I have yet to decide if today should be a rest day,  I still don't know if I should be taking 2 rest days or just one. My Sunday is going to be active, and I plan on working out tomorrow too, so I could get away with not working out today, except that I'll feel guilty about it. I think I will do my bob abs and quick cardio. Short and different.

So after a few weeks of observation, I've decided to stop eating canned soup for breakfast. The sodium, even in reduced sodium soups, is too high. Plus, Alton Brown [a hero of mine, I love how he teaches cooking] put it on the no-no list. Of course, the several times a week list has oily fish on it and I hate oily fish.
So I will once again be consuming oatmeal in the mornings. I need find low cal ways to jazz it up since Nutella may be yummy but not low in calories. They say repeating meals makes life easier, and doing soup certainly did help. Except that sodium thing.

I really am enjoying my heart monitor, it's really helping me see which of my workouts are burning more calories, and which are better for strength and toning. In fact, the yoga dvd I was planning on using during my shred month is good for just that. While doing it and using the HRM earlier this week, I found that the watch kept beeping because my heart rate was hovering at the edge between the fat/fitness zone and I have the settings so that it beeps at me so I know I've transitioned. It got quite annoying.

I recently downloaded this yoga app for use in Florida, it's really awesome. Think I'll use it next month too when I'm away from home.
Oh and last night we ordered this swimsuit for Florida, hope it doesn't make me feel too self conscious.
This looks like an awesome workout.
hmm how else can I put off packing for the weekend....?
Have a good weekend everyone.

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