Friday, January 13, 2012

Confused, Bewildered....

I'm confused about which to choose, because it could be what's hindering me from any progress.
Part of's function is to take your height, current weight, weight goals, and give you a daily calorie goal. When I reset things a little while ago because I was restarting my health journey, on the menu that asks your activity level, I put myself at light activity.  I will share their definitions of the first 2 levels and my current dilemma:


Select if you work in an office or at home and sit most of the day. Even if you exercise a few times a week, you should track that information on separately on MyPlate

Light Activity

Select if you are on your feet throughout the day, at home or at work.

Now, I'm unemployed, as is a great deal of America, and definitely my state [and while I would love to have a job even flipping burgers, I don't speak Spanish so I'm not eligible for about 85% of the fast food jobs around here] . And since I lost my car 3-4 months ago, I'm at home most of the time. Now, there are days I'm doing not much, on my butt, doing internet-y type things and getting my exercise in for the day. There are other days where I spend a good deal of the day on my feet, doing laundry, dishes, taking out trash, picking up the house,  doing yard work, and getting my exercise in. So, when I clicked, I clicked on light.  My reasoning was if 3 days during the week when I'm at home I'm active,  and -12 days at the fiancees I was pretty active [cooking, cleaning, social stuff] that gives me 4-5 days of being active, and at the time I was, but things at my house have shifted to where I can't be as active as I'd like. My father is in the middle of some personal cleaning and reorganization projects that have spilled everywhere in the house. But I digress. When I first  got my calorie goal results, I was surprised, and happy. 1400ish? That sounded awesome. I didn't want to be restricted to 1200 calories like I had when I was on the cholesterol diet, it made me nutsy and feel like a failure everytime I did things right [lots of fiber, good protiens, etc]  and I would still feel starving at the end of the day. I also though, seeing that
1400, that there was no way they had subtracted 1000 calories off of my BMR, since last I had checked it was 1900 something. I figured they took 500 off and expected you to try and burn 500 every day through exercise. It had been awhile since I played with all the formulas and forgot all about the x1.2/1.375 etc.
They are also the only website to put activity levels like this,  because the others base it on how often you exercise .
So I'm wondering if I should tell it I'm a slug and only eat 1100 recommended, or if I should try to spend more time finding things to do around the house?

ED: I've lowered it down to 1100. I will be cranky, I know, but house work only covers so much :|
Also, it's confusing, but the website has you eat the calories you burn. At first I found this confusing but since they've already taken out 7000 from your week for 2 lbs, which is the recommended safe loss, they seem to want you to not over do.

So Jillian Michael's has a new workout out, what I believe to be a HIIT workout over at, which I tried out yesterday. Boy howdy did I bust a sweat and fast. I also desperately wished I had a heart rate monitor, because wow was my heart pumping.  I think I need to hold off on doing that again for awhile, because I woke up to having very angry shoulders.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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