Thursday, January 19, 2012

Smile Darn Ya

Taking yesterday [mostly] off was a good idea. I definitely feel like I can exercise without tearing muscles today :D I also needed the mental downtime. Did do Bob's 15 minute abs because I still wanted to raise my heart rate a little for the day, and I tried out my new stability ball for a few moves. That thing I think will definitely be useful for toning and sweat-meter.
I have decided that after my month of 30- Day Shred I will be doing a rotation of  Jillian Michaels' Shred-it with Weights, Bob Harper's Kettle-bell Cardio Shred, and Bob Harper's Total Body Transformation. I may also sneak in a few times of the TBT before Florida as a way to apologize to my body for any wrongdoing I do while at the second happiest place on earth. [I'm a Disneyland loyalist].
I've done the kettle bell dvds before, I liked them. Doing even just 25 minutes with Jillian always felt like a great workout. There were maneuvers I never mastered, like the squat, jump-rotate, squat, jump-rotate, squat.... That always killed me.  After 4 weeks of  that I will decide how to shake up the work out routine.  I think planning 10 weeks in advance is enough for now.

Speaking of my 30-day Shred month, I would like to invite any of those who read or stumble upon this blog to join me. Start date is Feb 11, end is Mar 12. As part of my review/ self-inspiration, I shall take a picture Day 1 and Day 30. Well, and post it :P  I have no expectations, other than it will make me sweaty and sore and that I will curse at the TV.

So I have a few recipes I've stumbled on recently I thought I'd share.

Cajun Chicken Linguine Alfredo
Quinoa Risotto
Rosemary Garlic Chickpea Soup
Brussles Sprouts With Garlic and Cumin

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  1. Wow! That exercise routine sounds pretty intense! Impressive.

    I hope you try (and like) the soup, it's one of my favorites for sure. Super flavorful and filling.